Narrated Sa'd ibn Ubadah (Allah be well pleased with him): Sa'd asked: Apostle of Allah, Umm Sa'd has died; what form of sadaqah is best? He replied: Water (is best). He dug a well and said: It is for Umm Sa'd. [Abu Daud, Mishkaat]

Easily Accessibleclean, safe drinking water

The Trust helps with boring, digging water wells and providing water pumps for areas where clean water is not easily accessible. There are certain area where women have to travel for miles on foot and carry water in pots on their heads.
They have to wait for hours as there are queues of people already waiting to coleect water who have come from distant places.
We are very fortunate that we have these facilities but imagine what life would be like for those people who cannot get clean water like we can.


Projects Most in Need

Water Wells 

Make clean drinking water easily accessible for those who have to travel great distances on foot and carry pots ...

Water Pump

The Trust helps the poor by supplying water from the water well to their homes. Electric water pumps are installed ...

Water Filter

Water is normally taken from wells and then stored in tanks where impurities can enter the water ...