"Indeed, alms (Zakat) are meant for the poor and the indigent, and those who are deployed to collect charities and those in whose hearts the inculcation of love for Islam is aimed at. And, (moreover, spending Zakat for the) freeing of human lives (from the yoke of slavery) and removing the burden of those who are to pay debt and (those who toil hard) in the cause of Allah and the wayfarers (is true). This (all) has been prescribed by Allah, and Allah is All-Knowing, Most Wise." [ Al Quran 9:60]

It is neither the meat nor their blood  that reaches Allah, but it is your piety that reaches Him

In this day and age, a meal including meat is a luxury for poor people. Rather then just pass the meat of Qurabani or Sadaqah around our immediate families, we can ensure that the meat is sent where it is mostly needed.
In the Western Countries, it is difficult to send the meat where it is deserved the most. Leave this difficult task to us. Insha Allah. We distribute meat to the madrasas and orpahanges. We visit door to door in villages and make sure your Qurbani reaches the right peolple.
Qurbani is given once a year but Sadaqah as we all know, can be given any time of the year. Contact us for giving Sadqahs.


Projects Most in Need

Eye Operations

Eyes are an blessing from Allah to His creatures. We are continually supporting poor patients ...

Water Coolers

Please donate water coolers for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away ...


There is a dire need for wheelchairs for the disabled who are forced to crawl on the ground or wait to be carried ...