A Roof Over the Head  for the homeless

Many families in Pakistan and Azad Kasmir struggle to survive daily in conditions way beyond our comprehension. They have little or no food, no acccess to clean drinking water, no electricity and no toilets.They live in rural areas, have no jobs and are dependent on begging.

Some live in shacks which have walls made of wood or bamboo sticks with leaking roofs.The Trust is helping these people with house building projects. Be part of this good cause by putting a roof over someones head.


Projects Most in Need

Eye Operations

Eyes are an blessing from Allah to His creatures. We are continually supporting poor patients ...

Water Coolers

Please donate water coolers for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away ...


There is a dire need for wheelchairs for the disabled who are forced to crawl on the ground or wait to be carried ...