Happiness and Joy in Ramadan  and Eid, for the poor, widows, orphans and the disabled

The Trust has a list of widows and poor families who are visited door to door and given food packages throughout the year. There are others on the list which the Trust would like to support but due to lack of funds we are sometimes unable to do this. We also intend to provide the poor with clothes. We can only help these people with your cooperation.

With the help of Allah azawajal and the generousity of the donors made Ramadan a happy and joyeous month to many poor families. Please continue your support for this program so we can keep delivering food packages to the needy families and orphans every Ramadan.


Projects Most in Need

Eye Operations

Eyes are an blessing from Allah to His creatures. We are continually supporting poor patients ...

Water Coolers

Please donate water coolers for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away ...


There is a dire need for wheelchairs for the disabled who are forced to crawl on the ground or wait to be carried ...