Eye Campsfor free eye check ups

The Trust is continually supporting poor patients with eye related problems. The process starts by taking the patient to the nearest eye specislist for the necessary check ups. We then take the patient to one of our chosen hospitals for the recommended treatment. Further post operation checks are carried out to ensure the treatment was successful. 

The Trust fully supports the patients throughout the entire process to ensure there are no complications arising from any form of neglect or funding. Mashallah so far all the operation have been successful and the donors are benifitting from the duas from these satified patients.

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Eye Operations

Eyes are an blessing from Allah to His creatures. We are continually supporting poor patients ...

Water Coolers

Please donate water coolers for the Ehsale Sawaab of family members who have passed away ...


There is a dire need for wheelchairs for the disabled who are forced to crawl on the ground or wait to be carried ...