Immediate Response  for earthquake victims

Thara Welfare Trust provided an immediate response to support the victims of the Earthquake which hit parts of Kashmir on 8th October 2005.

Thara Welfare Trust was able to provide relief to the victims in areas of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan where food, clothes, duvets, tents and other daily essentials were provided. In addition to these the Trust was also able to provide shelter homes to many families in Dawatta village near Chakoti in Kashmir.
The aftershocks and the impact of the earthquake has left many people scarred for life. It resulted in loss of over 70,000 lives, destruction of whole villages including masjids, schools, hospitals, shops and homes leaving millions homeless. Many survivors have been left amputated and thousands still today suffering the pain of the earthquake.

We will endeavour to support the rehabilitation efforts in the region if possible. Inshallah we will try to be at the forefront of any natural disaster such as earthquake or flood.

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